About DTails

DTails Pet Services provides a vast array of accommodations for all dogs. We specialize in caring for your pets no matter their size, age or physical ability. We believe your pet should have fun and be safe while engaged in a social environment. By providing your dog with daily exercise, he/she stays healthy and happy. A healthy pet has less stress and anxiety when their owners arrive home. Daily exercise releases energy to create a well-balanced pet.

About the owner Donna Bennett

My first recollection of dogs is from around five years old and sharing my sand box with a litter of collie puppies that my father had bred. He bred collies and beagles so dogs were always a part of my life. There was always a dog in the household and my mom wouldn't tolerate one that wasn't well behaved so of course my dad and I took to training. I have owned many different breeds over the years, from a mini Doxy, to a Husky, Berners, Pyrs, Shepherds, and Retreivers.

The dog that taught me the most was my first Bernese Mountain Dog, Chili. He was very bright and unwilling to just do as I told him to so training for the first time in my life became a challenge. After working with several instructors I finally hit upon what made this guy tick and was encouraged to try showing him in obedience. We did so well in the obedience ring that I went on to compete with him in agility, and drafting. He also became my first registered therapy dog. Because I did so well with what started out being a very difficult dog, I decided to turn my love of dogs into a career.

I started out with a pet sitting business and some private training in my back yard in 1995. Over the years, I have traveled the country to attend numerous canine training programs where I developed valuable knowledge to bring back to my home on the Connecticut shoreline. During that time, I recognized the need for a first class establishment for dog training, and a safe fun environment for people to leave their dogs during the day. Out of this need, DTaiLs was established.

I am an instructor of beginner and advanced obedience, drafting, rally obedience, beginner tracking, nosework, and tricks classes. I have titled dogs in obedience and drafting. I have recently bred my second litter with plans to title one or two of those pups as champions

Not many people can say they have found their true passion in life. I am lucky enough to wake up each day to do what I love. For this I try to give back to the local community that has made this all possible. Over the years I am humbled and proud of what our DTaiLs team has accomplished in volunteer work. We have donated to numerous charities for dogs and mankind, and I have fostered over 25 dogs before finding their forever homes.

Dogs are not just my business, they are my life.