Drop-In Handling Class

Whether you are just thinking of showing your dog in the breed ring or you are a seasoned handler with a dog that needs some work, this class is for you. Our instructors teach the basics as well as tricks and tips to have you and your dog showing like professionals. Class meets on Tuesdays nights from 6-7pm except not on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The cost is 12$ per dog. All are welcome!

Drop-In Obedience Class

If you are looking to improve the skills your dog possesses or get back the manner once learned, this class does all that and more! An hour of obedience drills are done with students working at the level of ability their dog has attained. A variety of skills are tested each week.

Agility Fun

Beginning with intense review of agility. Build your dog's confidence and burn off some energy, have fun or acquire skills to compete. Obstacles include weave poles, open and collapsed tunnels, tire, pause table and dog walk.

Indoor Dog Park

Come join the fun at indoor dog park. Indoor dog park is just like a regular dog park, but indoors. All pet owners are liable for their own dogs and responsible for cleaning up after them.

Other Classes

Other classes such as Rally obedience, Pet First Aid + CPR, Tricks, Scenting + Tracking can be taught if there is an interested group